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Gelatin Capsules

//Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin Capsules


250 Individual Gelatin Capsules

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This product is 250 individual #00 Sized (medium) empty Gelatin Capsules. They are translucent yellow in colour, all natural, flavourless and odourless.

These capsules are intended to make consuming healthcare substances at home much easier.

To use, pick out an individual capsule, pull the two halves apart, filled the larger half with desired healthcare substance, liquid or otherwise, carefully slide on the other half and then swallow with a glass of water.  They will not leak, if used correctly, until reaching the stomach.

The primary use of these capsules at home would be taking essential oils internally as they are often difficult to take via other means. For example, one effective use of these capsules would be an ‘Immune Bomb’. For more recommendations and creative all-natural recipes for homemade healthcare products, have a look at the Recipe page on our website.

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