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Lip Balm Melts

//Lip Balm Melts

Lip Balm Melts


100g Tin of Lip Balm Melt

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This product is a premixed natural, soft and nourishing lip balm base. Designed to facilitate the creation of simple homemade, personalized lip balms.

To use, scrape out the desired amount (10g recommended for one Lip Gloss Tube) into a small bowl and heat until melted, around 60°C, and mix in a fragrance and colour. Essential oil blends and a natural colouring agent like beetroot powder work wonderfully. Once fully combined, continue to heat until it reaches 75°C at which point it will pour easily into the desired container. Let sit in a cool dry place for up to 30mins and then enjoy!

Have a look at our 10ml Aluminium Tins for a perfect lip balm container or try our Twist Lip Balm Tubes containers with an internal screw in a variety of pleasant colours. They make a perfect gift! Or if you are feeling really creative, have a look at our Recipe page for how to make your own lip balm from scratch!

Explore the rest of our website for everything you need to make a variety of all-natural homemade products! There is nothing better than breathing in the scent of your very own homemade candle or applying lip balm made in your own kitchen, knowing all the ingredients by name!

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Hydrogenated Soy Bean Oil, Beeswax, Glyceryl seterate, ceterayl alcohol, soduim setearoyl lactylate, olive oil, phytosteryl esther, camauba wax.


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