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Small Plastic Pipette

//Small Plastic Pipette

Small Plastic Pipette


Small Plastic Pipette

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This item is a Small Plastic Pipette and its helpfulness cannot be overstated. It is made of a thin clear plastic and is Intended to be used to assist filling small bottles, tubes and other various containers with essential oils or other thin liquids. It makes it adding the correct amount of drops from some of the thicker essential oil blends significantly and reduces the amount of spillage drastically, once you get the hang of it! If you are interested in simple, creative and interesting ways to make all natural, healthcare products for a variety of uses around your home, have a look at the Recipe Page on our website. There is nothing better than breathing in the scent of your very own homemade candle or applying lip balm made in your own kitchen, knowing all the ingredients by name!


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