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Soy Wax

Soy Wax


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This Product is 100% refined white Soy Wax flakes perfect for easy storage and usage.
Soy Was is created form the oil of soybeans and is all natural, harsh chemical free, toxin free and therefore low allergenic. This makes it perfect and easy to use in your very own homemade all-natural health products like Candles or Lip Balms, especially when used with Essential Oils for flavour and fragrance.

Soy Wax is made from the oil of soy beans. These beans are washed, cracked, de-hulled and pounded into flakes. The oil is then extracted and hydrogenated, transforming it into a creamy white wax, solid at room temperature. Soy Wax has a sweet fragrance, a smooth silky texture and a low pouring temperature of around 70C, making it very easy to melt and use at home to make a range of healthcare products from candles to body rubs. It is particularly suited to candle making as it sets easily with a very smooth texture, holds natural colouring ages very well and mixes wonderfully with essential oils.
Soy Wax candles create minimal smoke and burns with a clean, chemical free, subtle slightly sweet fragrance, safe for pets and children alike.

Ingredients: Hydrogenated soy oil, soy-based additives.

Find an easy Homemade Candle Recipe HERE. Look at our Recipe page for more creative ideas to use Soy Wax in your home.
Enrich your life with all-natural tastes and smells, minus all the harsh chemicals you will find in most of the ‘off the shelf’ products and live a healthier, happier life! For these recipes and more creative and fun ideas to make your home more chemical free, have a look at the Recipe page of our website!


150g, 300g, 600g


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