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Homemade Bath Bombs

/Homemade Bath Bombs
  • 1 Cup Citric Acid
  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • ½ Cup Corn Starch
  • ½ Cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 10 drops of an Essential Oil blend

Natural Colourants and Herbs (Optional)

We all know that adding a Bath Bomb into your bath after a long day is the height of luxury, but they are a rare treat for most of us because they tend to be quite expensive or full of all sorts of nasty chemicals. However, armed with this recipe you can make your own, all-natural, chemical free bath bombs for a fraction of the cost, and the best part is, its really easy!

To begin, grab a large glass or metal bowl and measure out the Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Baking Soda and Fractionated Coconut Oil. Combine in the bowl and mix together thoroughly until it has a texture similar to wet sand. Choose a selection of essential oils you would like in your bath bombs. If you want more than one type, separate the mixture different bowls before adding your essential oils. I recommend choosing soothing, invigorating or uplifting oils for the most pleasant experience. A favourite of mine is peppermint and lavender or wild orange and lemon. Once you add your oils, mix them in and then sprinkle in any natural colourants and herbs you want. Dried Rosemary or citrus fruit rinds make a great addition. Also, you could add some shavings from a Vegetable Based Dye Block or a pinch of Mica Powder for some vibrant colours. Once you have added all you wanted, and it has a colour and texture you are happy with, take a handful and press firmly into a mould. Silicon cupcake trays work perfectly, however you can use any mould you want. When your chosen mould is full, set it aside and let it dry for up to 6 hours, occasionally pressing the mixture back into the mould when it expands. After they are completely dry, pop one out to check it is dry on all sides, then remove them all and put them in an air tight jar in your bathroom, ready for you to drop one into your next bath! If you are really keen you can even use them in a shower!

If you are interested in more simple, creative and fun ways to make all-natural healthcare products or you are just after some inspiration, have a look at the Recipe page of this website!

There is nothing better than breathing in the scent of your very own homemade candle or applying lip balm made in your own kitchen, knowing all the ingredients by name! Enrich your life with all-natural tastes and smells, minus all the harsh chemicals you will find in most of the ‘off the shelf’ products and live a healthier, happier life!